Vidisco FoXrayIIe Portable X-ray System

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FoXrayIIe Portable X-ray System

FoXrayIIe is Vidisco’s most popular system for the security industry and has been around many years. The system is available with three VCU imagers: VCU 10e, VCU 16e and VCU 22e. All VCUs provide a 10 bit X-ray image (1,024 grey levels) combined with 1.4 lp/mm – 40 AWG resolution. The system can achieve over 30 mm of steel penetration, while providing cable and wireless operation modes. The VCUs offer imaging from the edge on three sides, allowing ground level imaging without missing any details in the suspected object. 

The FoXrayIIe system’s unique power management solution enables operation for over two weeks on a single battery charge, and unlimited time on external (AC) power. Integrated wireless solutions and robot-ready options provide further operational flexibility. The successful use of thousands of FoXrayIIe units around the world attests to it's reliability, high-quality digital radiology imaging, robustness and user safety.



FoXrayIIe Technical Configurations*:

Rugged Case (STD)BackpackChaser**
Rugged case
Ergonomic backpack
Chaser case or backpack
Default Computer
Standard laptop (rugged laptop optional)
Rugged laptop
CDU to VCU Cables
50m cable on built-in reel
35m cable on built-in reel
Available in three VCU sizes: 10", 16" ***
Available in three VCU sizes: 10", 16" ***
Chaser case available in three VCU sizes: 10", 16". Chaser backpack available in two VCU sizes: 10", 16"


FoXrayIIe Technical Specifications*:

FoXrayIIe VCU-10eFoXrayIIe VCU-16e
Imaging Area (mm):
19 X 25cm (~8 X 10 inch)
30.5 X 40cm (~12 X 16 inch)
Imaging Area Position:
1.5 mm from bottom and 2 mm from side
Imager Size:
38 X 26 X 14cm (h,w,d) – including removable handle (~14.9 X 10.2 X 5.5 inch)
56 X 41 X 21cm (h,w,d, ~22 X 16 X 8.2 inch)
Imager Weight:
5.55 Kg including battery
10.80 Kg including battery
Dynamic Range:
10 bit (1,024 Grey levels)
1.4 lp/mm, 40AWG
Robust, Field Design:
Battery Operation:
Over 14 days of battery operation on one charge AC 110/220V for unlimited period of time
Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:YES
Various Plug & Play accessories supported
Wireless Mode:
YES with easily attached modules (DWSe & WLXe-DE)
Advanced proprietary Xbit software for security operators


* Specifications and configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

** FoXrayIIe is also available as an additional imager to an existing Vidisco system. As all panels and VCUs are interchangeable, using with various imagers while working with one system is possible.

*** VCU 16" is packed in an extra case or backpack.