BVDA Lifting fingerprints

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Lifting tape

This lifting tape is designed for lifting of fingerprints which are developed with fingerprint powder. Lifting tape works best when lifting prints from flat surfaces like glass windows.

After lifting the tape is applied to a backing card in a colour which best contrasts with the fingerprint powder.

  • Виявлені за допомогою порошку
  • Зафіксовані за допомогою плівки відбитки


A thick, non-aggressive, frozen layer of gelatin allows you to remove traces from almost all surfaces, including porous materials such as paper and cardboard.

Color: black, white, transparent.


Silicone for lifting

Certain surfaces have such a texture that even with gelatin lifters, it is hard to lift powdered fingerprints in their entirety. Examples are: Hammerite painted coin boxes and polystyrene packaging material. In these cases, white or black silicone rubber casting compound can be used. The casting compound is mixed with hardener and diluant (if needed) and poured over the print developed with fingerprint powder. After the silicone rubber has cured, the fingerprint is lifted.

Depending on the color of the fingerprint powder that was used, white or black silicone rubber is used for contrast.