Advanced Detection Technology LowCam® VI108

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The VI108 is a light, portable and durable system that deploys quickly and easily in less than three minutes. This bidirectional ramp is perfect for checkpoints that demand flexibility. With integrated LED lighting and a vehicle power inverter kit, this system can be deployed anywhere day or night even when traditional power methods are not available.

Eight full-color motion activated cameras present a real-time quad-frame display that presents views from four different angles showing the undercarriage from side-to-side, bumper-to-bumper. The VI108’s four playback windows allow the operator to see more by having the flexibility to adjust play speed, pause, move forward and back. With optional Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), vehicle information is collected and stored for comparative analysis.


• Portable hinged housing with optional surface-mount.
• 21 inch, full color, touchscreen, sunlight readable monitor.
• One person deployment in less than 3 minutes.
• 35 pound total ramp weight.
• Aerospace-grade aluminum housing withstands 20 tons per axle.
• Eight motion-activated cameras for automatic inspections.
• Long-lasting, bright white LED lighting for day/night operation.
• 100 foot cable for safe standoff positioning.
• Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture.
• Stores 75,000+ vehicle records.
• Inspect vehicles traveling up to 10 mph.
• Quick and easy on-screen training in less than 30 minutes.
• System packs into 2 Pelican™ cases.
• Vehicle power inverter supply.