Advanced Detection Technology LowCam® VI54

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Ideal for security on the go, the VI54 is our smallest, lightest and most portable UVIS. One person can easily deploy the entire system in 60 seconds. When traditional power methods are not available, the VI54 can be easily powered by a vehicle power inverter kit. This portable UVIS is perfect for mobile field operations and establishing temporary perimeters.

Two IP67 rated color video cameras, with integrated LED lighting, produce dual playback windows. Having the flexibility to adjust the playback windows’ speed, in addition to being able to pause, move forward or move back, permits the operator to gain a more in-depth, overlapping field-of-view view. The VI54’s user friendly operating interface is ideal for maximizing productivity with minimal training. 


• Ultra-portable housing weighs 7 pounds.
• Deploys by one person in less than 60 seconds.
• Housing with optional surface-mount.
• Two camera system inspects vehicles up to 10 mph.
• Long-lasting, bright white LED lighting for day/night operation.
• 50 foot cable for safe standoff positioning.
• Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture.
• Stores up to 250 vehicle records.
• Withstands up to 40,000 pounds per axle.
• Quick and easy on-screen training in less than 30 minutes.
• System packs into one light-weight Pelican™ case.
• Vehicle power inverter supply.