Regula 1000 Magnifier

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This compact device is designed in a plastic body. The model Regula 1000.01 is supplied with a measuring scale.

The magnifier can be used as separate authenticity verification tool or can be supplied with other Regula devices extending their functionality.


•  Law enforcement agencies;
•  Forensic laboratories;
•  Banks;
•  Medical establishments;
•  Notary offices;
•  Professional spheres:
   - numismatics;
   - philately;
   - printing;
   - photography;
   - instrumentation engineering.

Delivery Set

• Measuring scale for Regula 1000.01

Magnification, times20
Field of view (diameter), mm8 ± 1
Diopter adjustment, dptr±2
Measuring scale
Dimensions (length×width×height), mm28,9×28,9×33,7