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Main Uses: Latent and Bloodmarks on semi-Porous and Porous surfaces.

1,2-IND (1,2-indandione) is a reagent for fingerprints found on paper, which combines the strong color of ninhydrin and the fluorescence of DFO. Like DFO it fluoresces strongly after excitation with green light.

Advantages of 1,2-IND include better solubility, which provides a more stable working solution. Solutions are not stable indefinitely, however, since the 1,2-IND molecules interact over a period of weeks, resulting in compounds that will not develop fingerprints.

The formulations containing a small amount of ethanol and zinc chloride will develop colored fingerprints (pink color slightly less strong than would have been obtained with ninhydrin) and a fluorescence as good but most of the times superior to DFO.

Fingerprints on white paper developed with 1,2-IND (IND-Zn formulation)

Fluorescence of the fingerprints developed with 1,2-IND

Fluorescent image converted to gray scale, inverted and image enhanced (levels)