Forensic Light Source OR-GSS48

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Main characteristics:

• The wavelength can be switched and the irradiation angle can be adjusted by one hand, making it fast for searching
• Uniform light output
• Instant startup and wavelength switching
• Long working time
• Charging management is convenient 
• Integrated design of white strong light and multi-band light source meets the requirements of actual use
• Within the detection range, the wavelength of the instrument can be rapidly switched to detect various suspicious material evidence, traces, fingerprints, body fluids, semen stains, etc
• Color separation photography can be performed
• Treat the material evidence or its fluorescence with the excitation reagent of a particular wavelength

Main parameters:

• Visible light power: 3W*3
• Invisible light power(UV): 5W
• Wavelengths: white light 6500K, green 522±2nm, blue 450±2nm, UV 370±2nm
• Light spot diameter at 0.5 m: 21.5 mm
• It adopts the optical principle of projector, which has uniform light irradiation, wide light projection, and the four-color light spots have the same sizes and uniform light output of light spots, without color difference or light streaks
• A single key controls color changing and switch
• Lithium ion battery: 3.7V 2,200mAh
• Continuous use: >3 h


• Diameter of cylinder: 28 mm
• Light holder diameter: 42 mm
• Total length: 212 mm