Inspection probe kit DP-10

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The set of inspection probes "DP-10", is designed to control soft and loose environment, search for solid objects and packages, including the possibility of sampling controlled environment.

Replaceable probes are screwed onto the metal handle. The kit is designed taking into account the comments of qualified users of the inspection equipment.

ParameterSize, mm
Working part of a long probe380
Working part of a short probe185
Working part of L-shaped probe375
Working part of short thin probe220
Working part of probe-"pencil"80
Extension cord straight long395
Extension cord straight short205
Extension L-shaped370
Diameter of large probe10
Diameter of short probe10
Diameter of L-shaped probe5
Diameter of short thin probe5
Diameter of probe-"pencil"2


1. Metal handle double-sided - 1 pc;
2. Large probe - 1 pc;
3. Short probe - 1 pc;
4. L-shaped probe - 1 pc;
5. Short thin probe - 1 pc;
6. Probe – mechanical "pencil" - 1 pc;
7. Extension cord straight long - 2 pc;
8. Extension cord straight short - 1 pc;
9. Extension L-shaped - 1 pc;
10. Pouch - 1 pc.