BVDA Instant Lifters

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Low tack lifters for fingerprints and securing hairs and fibers.

The BVDA Instant Lifter consists of a transparent adhesive film (with a protective cover) adhered to a black, white, or transparent backing. The adhesive film has a special low tack adhesive.

The protective cover is die-cut, for easy removal. To the adhesive film, a backing sheet is attached. This black, white, or transparent backing can be easily be applied to the adhesive film, after lifting of the powdered fingerprint(s). To avoid the inclusion of air bubbles, a roller can be used. On the front of the Instant Lifter, a metric scale is visible. Therefore, with the transparent backing, there is no doubt which side is the front of the lifter. At the bottom of the backing sheet, there is a paper strip on which notes like date and case number can be written.

The main application for the Instant Lifters is fingerprint and palm print lifting. In a number of countries the transparent Instant Lifters are also used to collect and secure hairs and fibers. These Instant Lifters are part of sexual assault kits.

The Instant Lifter is not a substitute for the BVDA Gellifters, but is a better alternative to the synthetic tape products generally used to lift dusted fingerprints.

Fingerprint lifted with a black Instant Lifter

Hairs and fibers sampled with a transparent Instant Lifter

Fingerprint lifted with a white Instant lifter