BVDA Lifting tape

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This lifting tape is designed for lifting of fingerprints which are developed with fingerprint powder. Lifting tape works best when lifting prints from flat surfaces like glass windows.

After lifting the tape is applied to a backing card in a colour which best contrasts with the fingerprint powder.

BVDA fingerprint lifting tape clear

BVDA branded crystal clear fingerprint lifting tape comes on rolls of 9.14 meters (360 inch) long with a width of 38, 51, 76 or 102 mm (1.5, 2, 3 or 4 inch). The required length of tape is easily teared off by hand.

Elastic vinyl lifting tape

This clear PVC lifting tape is ideal for lifting powdered fingerprints from curved surfaces like for example light bulbs and door knobs. The tape comes on a 10 meter long roll with a width of 50 mm. The roll is packed in a cardboard box together with black and white backing cards of 60 x 100 mm (6 of each).