BVDA Luminol

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To find blood traces, even outside or in a room that has been cleaned, luminol is very useful. The two solutions of 100 ml each in the set with the "classic" Weber formulation are mixed before use, diluted with 800 ml of distilled water in which the two tablets of urea-hydrogen peroxide were dissolved to provide 1 liter of working solution.

The working solution (which can be used for only a couple of hours (up to 24 hours after mixing) is sprayed on the area that has to be examined.

DNA-analysis of the blood traces is still possible after luminol treatment. However, it is strongly recommended to use an airbrush for spraying luminol. The fine mist from an airbrush necessitates the use of good respiratory protection (the mist is strongly irritating) but prevents the running of the blood traces.

Sets Luminol:

• F-30000 - Luminol set, two (water-based) solutions and a package with two tablets (urea-hydrogen peroxide) that will provide 1 liter of ready-to-use solution after mixing, dissolving the tablets, and dilution with water.

• F-31000 - Luminol set, a water-based solution (0.5 liter) and a package with two tablets (urea-hydrogen peroxide) that will provide a ready-to-use solution after dissolving the tablets.

• 1 g powder for dissolution of distilled water.