BVDA PECA Cyanoacrylate powder

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• One-step process, no further dye staining needed
• Excitation from UV to cyan allows for reduction of background fluorescence
• Fine development of the marks makes DNA collection after fuming easier
• No mess and no more sticky fingers
• Powder is easy to weigh
• Storage in refrigerator is not required
• Virtually no shelf life

PECA Multiband

Finger marks developed with PECA Multiband visually develop in the same way as PECA Regular and normal cyanoacrylate. PECA Multiband, however, will fluoresce once excited with light between 365 and approximately 555 nm. To examine and photograph the fluorescence use filter goggles and a camera filter suitable to the excitation bandwidth of the light.

Developed fingerprint on polymer banknote

Fluorescent fingerprint on polymer banknote

PECA Regular

Similar to normal cyanoacrylate in a fluid form, marks are developed by the polymerization of the cyanoacrylate on the mark. Awhite deposit is formed on the marks. The developed marks can be stained using staining solutions like Ardrox and Basic Yellow 40.

Cyanoacrylate developed mark on black Gellifter