NIC Instruments Personal Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK)

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Personal Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK)

This small kit contains all the essential tools to extract from a minefield should you find yourself caught within one unexpectedly. Housed in a small Molle/Osprey pouch, this kit has the following capabilities:

• A small, lightweight essential piece of kit offering the following capabilities:
• Ability to mark safe routes and suspect areas in minefields in both day & night
• Ability to search for and detect buried mines and trip wires
• Also contains an Aide Memoir showing correct procedures and drills upon encountering a minefield
• All located in a small pouch, compatible with Molle/Osprey body armour
• Weight approx 450g, dims 120x170x60mm
• Standard issue for all UK deployed troops in Afghanistan
• NATO stock number 4240-99-458-9732

The kit has 5 positions:

1. Prodder: To detect buried objects;
2. Route marking system:
• Markers: To mark safe route and suspect areas in daylight:
    — 20 off white (safe) per kit;
    — 5 off red (suspect) per kit.
• Chemical light sticks: To mark safe route and suspect areas in the dark:
    — 20 off green (safe) per kit;
    — 5 off red (suspect) per kit.
3. Trip wire feeler: To detect trip wires;
4. Aide Memoir: To assist and remind of the correct extraction procedure.
5. Pouch: To hold all the tools in a convenient method.