BVDA Two-part addition curing silicone casting compound in a cartridge

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Silmark CART is a 2-part addition curing silicone casting compound in a cartridge. Silmark CART (gray) has a high pigment content to ensure an optimal sharpness of the casted impression under the microscope.

On the front side of the cartridge a mixing tip is placed. When the cartridge has been mounted in the dispenser equal parts of the base and harder paste are squeezed through the mixing tip and simultaneously mixed by operating the trigger. The mixed compound is directly applied to the toolmark with the mixing tip.

This casting material is very user friendly. The cast itself is stronger than one made with the Silmark packaged in a tube (condensation curing). The shrinkage after curing is also smaller.

Silmark cartridges, 50 and 75 ml

Mixing tip (83 mm long, cross-section 7 mm)

Dispenser with cartridge and mixing tip in use on a test impression

Standard mixing tip in use

Spreader tip (is attached to the mixing tip) in use

Dispenser (classic model, with plunger for 75 ml cartridge)

Dispenser, modern model with plunger for a 50 ml cartridge

Silmark CART kit