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SILMARK is a gray-colored silicone rubber casting material. With the high concentration of pigments in the material, even the strong lighting under a microscope cannot penetrate and reflect from particles beneath the surface of the cast, and optimum sharpness of the microscopic image is thus guaranteed. The gray color has the advantage of providing an excellent contrast when photographing and digitally storing the casted toolmarks.

Silmark is a grey two component RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) condensation curing silicone rubber with a high pigment content. It has specially been developed for the casting of toolmarks, with the photographing properties and especially the the digital storage of video images of toolmarks in databases and their future computerized comparison in mind.

• SILMARK, low viscosity, 150 g in tube, with paste hardener.

• SILMARK, medium viscosity, 150 g in tube, with paste hardener.