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- Verification of documents and banknotes in white bottom light;
- Verification of documents (banknotes) in UV light;
- Verification of documents (banknotes) in IR light;
- The lens of the viewing area of the device has a 3.5x magnification for the study of documents (banknotes) in ultraviolet, infrared and white bottom lights;
- An external magnifier 10х is used for control of microtext, microdrive, anti-scanner grid, mechanical damage and other small details;
- The presence of magnetic tags is checked by means of a magnetic sensor.

Delivery set

- EURO-POST device;
- Monitor 7 ";
- Magnifier 10x, with backlight.


- Wavelength of UV light, nm - 365;
- Wavelength of IR light, nm - 870-900;
- Power of sources of bottom white light, W - 6;
- Power of UV light sources, W - 6;
- Lens: 130x60 mm, magnification - 3,5x;
- Magnifier external, with backlighting, magnification - 10x.

Overall dimensions of the device, mm: 285х135х150;
Weight of the device, kg, no more - 1,3;
Operating voltage - 220V, 50Hz;
Power consumption, W - 18.