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The HFS Series 3+ EOD/IEDD Suit is the next generation in bomb suit development. Essentially an upgrade on the HFS Series 3, with the core focus on improving the critical systems whilst still using the original solid HFS Series 3 platform. We have also addressed the requirements in the NIJ 0117.01. Bomb Suit Standard including the Blast and Fragmentation required performances.

Suit components:

• Helmet
• Smoks
• Blast Plate
• Trousers
• Spine Protector
• Overshoes and Groin Protector

Suit upgraded aspects:

• Improved Suit integrity during blast exposure with enhanced over pressure attenuation layers
• New front facing Double Skin Outer Shell, incorporating our own new proprietary design of high tensile strength blast resistant outer with flame retardant core backing
• Double locking blast plate mounting system
• IP 67 Electronics upgrade
• Lithium Ion power source
• Incapacitated doffing
• Dual grab handle

Helmet upgraded aspects:

• Advanced helmet liner with combined attenuation layer and ergonomic comfort layer
• Quick release helmet buckle
• NBC mask accommodation
• New four point helmet stabilizing retention system
• Increased downward and periphery visibility

Fragmentation performance against NIJ 0117

.50 Cal FSP V0 800m/s for Blast Plates and Smock Front (exceeds)
.30 Cal FSP V50 result exceeds for all components of the suit
.22 Cal FSP V50 result exceeds for all components of the suit

.22 Cal FSP V0 1800m/s+ for Blast Plates and Smock Front (not part of NIJ parameters)

Blast performances against NIJ 0117

• 567g C4 (or equivalent explosive) placed 0.77m above the ground, 0.6m away from the throat

Measured result:

• Over 90% pressure reduction in the head and chest and only nominal outer shell damage. All suit components still in place.


• High volume ventilation fan with ultra quiet bushless technology
• NBC filtration canister compatible
• Integrated commiunications

• Maxbright LED headlamp - IPX7
• Increased Visor V50 protection 800 m/s
Nomex helmet cover


Slip Ring Reel for ring reel constant communication during deployment and retrieval
• Hardwire with 100m + cable
• Optional digital sound recorder
• Wireless communication - certain models of wireless radio can be accommodated


The Holdfast Cooling Suit is designed to offer a safe and cool environment for people who must maintain a high level of efficiency and concentration under extreme heat. The system is ideally suited for people involved in bomb disposal and surveillance operations as well as personnel in non-air conditioned armoured vehicles.

The Holdfast Cooling System used ice water to remove body heat produced during strenuous work, especially in hot environments.

The suit requires no hazardous pressurised canister or toxic cooling agents. Made from machine washable, fire retardant Nomex or Kermel, The Holdfast Cooling Suit also offers protection against heat and flash fire. Testing of the effects of over-pressure, fragmentation, ballistics, body impact and heat shown this suit is suitable for use under bomb suit, chemical suit and many other applications where body heat removal is desirable.



• Heat removal rate: 270 watts (full suit)
• Endurance: 45 minutes at 35°С (95°F)

Cooling Unit:

• ontrol: On/Off
• Pump: 12V
• Cold source: Ice cubes and wather
• Power: External pack


• Suit: 1.0kg
• Cooling unit dry: 0.5kg
• Ice cubes: 1.2kg
• Water: 0.7kg
• Battery pack: 0.5kg


• Garment: Nomex or Kermel inherently flame-retardant stretch knit fabric


• Small: 150-175cm; 40-75kg
• Medium: 170-185cm; 70-90kg
• Large: 175-193cm; 85-110kg


• Worn next to the skin under any clothing
• Cooling unit can attach to bomb suit with Velcro
• Second water/ice bottle supplied for standby
• Large capacity ice water container can be supplied