Regula 4308 Dual-video spectral comparator

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The device is made as a single unit for desktop use. It is used with a built-in PC (may be connected to an external PC via USB 3.0) and fully controlled through «Regula Forensic Studio» software interface (supplied with a unit). The device is equipped with a high resolution spectrometer, hyperspectral imaging module, light source for anti-Stokes luminescence, XY translation stage, modules for reading MRZ, RFID chips, hidden image (IPI), 1D and 2D barcodes.

Being the best in class for advanced document examination, Regula 4308 has been developed and produced with the use of the latest hi-tech innovations.

Its high functionality is achieved due to over 30 types of light sources, over 20 light filters, a self-developed precision optical system and 2 high-resolution cameras.

Advanced system for capturing high-resolution images preserves all tiny elements precious for further object examination.

New algorithms and the enhanced optical scheme make it possible to obtain a multi-focus image in one click. Such an image takes on a new level of detail as the whole frame turns out to be in focus independent of the size of its relief.

Light sources
Top camera
Incident white
Halogen lamp (20 W) for spectroscopy
UltravioletUVA LEDs – 365 nm
UVB – 313 nm
UVС – 254 nm
InfraredLEDs700 nm
780 nm
850 nm
950 nm
halogen 1000 nm

High-intensity LEDs

Total – 255 combinations

Violet – 395 nm
Royal Blue – 450 nm
Blue – 470 nm
Cyan – 505 nm
Green – 530 nm
Amber – 590 nm
Red-orange – 615 nm
Red – 635 nm
Transmitted LEDsincident white
UVA – 365 nm
IR– 870 nm
spot high-intensity visible
spot high-intensity IR – 680–920 nm
Oblique Light
Motorized LEDs (110 mm distance)
IR – 850 nm
For OVD visualization, LEDshorizontal – 31 white LEDs
vertical – 16 white LEDs
Polarized, LEDstop visible linear polarization
top visible left-hand circular polarization
top visible right-hand circular polarization
Bottom camera
Incident white
Retroreflective/Coaxial light
High-intensity IR LEDs for Anti-Stokes Luminescence
Examination area – 160×110 mm


IR High-pass 515 nm
IR High-pass 530 nm
IR High-pass 550 nm
IR High-pass 570 nm
IR High-pass 590 nm
IR High-pass 610 nm
IR High-pass 630 nm
IR High-pass 645 nm
IR High-pass 665 nm
IR High-pass 695 nm
IR High-pass 715 nm
IR High-pass 730 nm
IR High-pass 780 nm
IR High-pass 850 nm
IR High-pass 920 nm
Visible pass 370–700 nm
UV cut off 450–1100 nm
Linear polarized, motorized

Optical parametersTop cameraBottom camera
Digital camerasensor typeCMOS, Backside Illumination
spectral range, nm
resolution, Mp, not less than
frame size, pixels
Full Frame3840×28802288×1432
Full HD1920×1440
accumulation of images, frames
up to 100
integration time, sec0,001–1,6
Cameraoptical zoom lens magnification, times
Full Frame3020
Full HD 60
fixed optical zoom magnification (Full HD), times
digital magnification, times
On-screen magnification on a 32” monitoroptical, times
digital, times, not less than
Field of viewminimum, mm
maximum, mm
maximum (with X–Y translation stage), mm
Maximum resolution, ppi, not less than29 0007 250