Attestor Forensics Cyanoacrylate chamber to detect hidden fingerprints on non-porous surfaces of MEGAfume

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The construction features an exoskeleton which allows the surfaces of the inside walls to be made completely from plane safety glass. An internal mechanical structure is not required. Grills and hanging rods are made from high quality stainless steel, resisting also the DNA decontamination with corrosive cleaning agents. All of this, including the supports for grills and rods, the water reservoir for the humidifier as well as the circulation fan and the air guiding baffle can be completely removed from the cabinet without the need of tools. This makes cleaning and DNA decontamination outstandingly easy. 

The entire development of latent prints from humidification to the final removal of fume remains from the air inside the cabinet can whether be activated fully automatic or manual. Several pre-programmable cycles allow setting the parameters for various development chemicals or evidence type. This allows standardised, quality and performance monitored variations in the development but yet by one-button-operation. An capsuled, dust-free activated filter cartridge filters the air inside after fuming.

A novel filter management system, considering amount and type of chemical ensures efficient and safe utilisation of the full filter capacity. A multilingual colour touch panel display guides the user through the process via graphical and clear text messages and even assist routine service tasks like filter replacement by pictured and interactive guidelines.

MEGAfume also features a process protocol system which continuously logs all development parameters in a traceable way for quality documentation. A range of further design features complement the innovative concept.

Preliminary Technical Data

MEGAfume M60
General characteristics
Exterior Dims
145 х 68 х 75 cm
(on adjustable feet and including the control display)
Interior Dims
125 x 58 x 61 cm
Fuming Temperature100°C - 230° C
Humidity RangeOFF or 60-90% RH
Integrated Illumination“Cold“ LED Light
(one individually controllable LED stripe along the full height in every corner)

Air Filter SystemIntegrated Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
(approx. 100 cycles per filter based on standard cyanoacrylate)
Electrical Data
230V/50Hz AC
max. 500 W
approx. 5 A