Attestor Forensics Series of forensic climate chambers for fingerprint development NINcha

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The NINcha series is a family of real forensic climate chamber, focussing particularly on the development of fingerprints on porous surfaces after treatment with Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione.

With NINcha we offer a suitable solution for developing fingerprints on porous and semi porous materials such as paper treated with DFO, Ninhydrin or Indandione.

Evidence is usually treated with Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione by bathing or spraying. Following this actual treatment process, for an optimum result, the samples need to be developed under given temperature and humidity conditions. NINcha enables all of this, using a user friendly, multilingual touch panel control with a USB QA data logger and a novel and innovative air stream concept.

Key advances of the NINCha include:

Pre-Programmed Treatment Cycles for Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione ensure simple operation and consistently high quality of evidence development. Parameters and timers can be adjusted by a user to his demands. In addition a manual mode is available.

Variable Shelving Concept. The carriers on the inner sides of the chamber are suitable for the usage with easy to clean metal grills and hanging rods.

Air Filter and  External Ventilation. In order to limit cross-contamination and reduce the cleaning requirements, a special air filter system has been integrated into the cabinet to clean out chemical loaded evidence abrasion particles or dust. The filters are coded to prevent the use of Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione filter units with the wrong process. Alternatively or additionally, the cabinet can be upgraded for external ventilation with process controlled air inflow and exhaust valves.

UV-Decontamination Unit. For easy elimination of DNA inside the cabinet, a short wave UV illumination unit can be fitted. The control system automatically detects, when the unit is placed inside.

Water Supply and Drainage. Integrated into the cabinet is a tank for distilled water as well as a container for accumulated condensed water. The touch panel display informs the user about a due re-fill or drainage.

Easy clean design. The innovative design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the NINcha system very simple.

Clear visibility on the evidence at all times. The unique design prevents condensation build up on the window allowing the user to monitor the development process at all times.

Low cost of ownership. The system is very simple and easy to maintan.  The system is built from durable stainless steel which will not rust and provide many years of operation. Annual ISO17025 calibration costs are also very low.

Technical Data

NINcha S31NINcha M31NINcha L31
External Dimensions
105x70x60 cm
(with adjustable legs)
185x70x60 cm
(on castors)

205x70x60 cm
(on castors)
Internal Dimensions
50x48x48 cm100x48x48 cm150x48x48 cm
+ additional top hanging level
+ additional top hanging level
+ additional top hanging level
Temperature Range25°C - 110°C
Humidity Range40 - 80% RH2 (and humidifyer OFF)
Internal Illumination2
(one lamp per level)
(one lamp per level)
(one lamp per level)
Basic Configuration / Optional Features
Filter System
USB Datalogger
UV Decontamination
External Ventilation
Upgrade EAA31
Electrical Data
230V AC/50Hz
Power Requirements:max. 2200 W
Current:~ 10 A
• - available option, additional charge; + - fitted in basic configuration