Attestor Forensics Mobile climate box for development of Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione evidence outside a laboratory environment NINcha P31

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With the product family NINcha Attestor Forensics offers a range of fingerprint development climate chambers for laboratory use. The demand on systems that enable development of fingerprints on porous surfaces (after Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione treatment) in high quality and under defined and traceable parameters but outside controlled laboratory environment led to the design of NINcha P31.

Like with the established laboratory chambers also with this “box version“, the evidence is first sprayed with or dipped in Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione, vented and then “matured” under controlled temperature and humidity environment – this is the NINcha P31 field of application.

NINcha P31 uses the same user friendly and multilingual touch panel control system, known from its bigger „laboratory brothers“. In the same way, the development is controlled via pre-programmable processes. Initially we offer fixed parameter sets for the above mentioned development chemicals. We are working on the capability to set the parameters rather freely – like with the laboratory units.

A stainless steel carrier is placed into the inner container (middle picture), completely made from stainless steel. The carrier can host two stainless steel grills, which can host 2 documents up to DIN A4. Any area within the stainless-steel fan enforced air stream, can be accessed for cleaning and DNA decontamination easily by the user without tools.

A modern process control, which monitors and controls humidity and temperature in a concerted way and a variety of technical design specialties care for optimum reduction of condense water drops which could fall down and might damage the evidence.

The user can observe the development via a large, heated glass screen in the top lid. During the entire development process the door is automatically interlocked by the control system.

Technical Data

NINcha P31
External Dims
85 x 72 x 46 cm
(case completely closed)
Area for Evidence
~ 45 х 37 cm
Development Parameters80°C/65% RH and 100°C/RH OFF
(more free settings under construction)
Electrical Data:230V/50Hz AC
Power Requirements:max. 1200 W
Weight:~ 50 kg