Attestor Forensics Toner Dust & Ozone Reduction-System for ESDA Workplaces TORnado SF91

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For many years the use of Electrostatic Surface Detection Systems (ESDs) is considered a standard in document examination.

Along with Ozone from the Corona, during the development process, Toner particulates are also released into the environment, especially when using the quentitatively better Cascade-Developer method. Whilst this is still the optimum procedure for development of indented writing, local health and safety regulations may have charged over the years. Many larger laboratories already use exhaust cabinets. However, smaller labs and many private document examiners do not have access to such exhaust systems.

Attestor Forensics developed the Toner Particulate and Ozone Reduction System TORnado SF91 especially for this type of user.

If the two-sectioned lid of the TORnado SF91 is opened, a powerful fan is automatically activated (half speed) and creates an air stream above the document bed of the ESD. Once the user switches on the ESD, the fan speed is automatically increased to maximum. The air is then filtered through a stainless steel mesh and a particulate filter Type F9, a combination, exactly tuned for the Cascade Developer. Particulate an activated carbon fleece, integrated into the filter cassette reduces the ozone in the air stream.

But not only during operation of the ESD, also in closed status in "stand-by", TORnado SF91 runs short filter cycles in regular intervals to create optimum conditions during storage. For cleaning or to collect stray cascade beats, a catch basin can be drawn out without lifting the heavy ESD equipment. TORnado SF91 features a microprocessor system which communicates with the user via a touch panel display in the lid. This runs a counter for the operating hours and informs the user when a filter change is due. If the maximum filter capacity is reached, TORnado SF91 automatically switches off the fan as well as the power supply of the ESD till a new filter is inserted. Unquestionable, TORnado SF91 is a useful contribution to health and safety at a document examiner's workplace.

Technical Data:

(HxWxD; closed)
80 x 72 x 80 cm
Lifetime Activated-Carbon Fleece
and F9 Particulate Filter Cassette
125 hours (or. 12 months)
Electrical Data:
Voltage Requirements:230 V AC / 50 Hz
Current Requirements (without ESD):~ 0,5 А
Power Requirements (without ESD):120 W
Weight (without ESD):48 kg
TORnado SF91 comes with1 Particulate Filter Cassette
with Activated Carbon Fleece