Attestor Forensics The bloodstain & gunshot residue viewing and recording system for crime scene use SCENEview BV800

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SCENEview BV800,  Attestor Forensics’ latest development is the perfect tool for the search and documentation of blood spatter patterns at a crime scene. With an integrated ambient light amplifier it allows optimum search results even when the crime scene cannot be darkened perfectly.

Due to the light amplification, luminescence effects can already be seen with a minimum amount of chemical being sprayed across the search area. Therefore the possibility to repeat and reproduce the effects for a subsequent documentation is higher.

SCENEview BV800 uses an integrated red ambient light that suits the dark adaption of the human eye and enhances the orientation at the darkened crime scene.

The system additionally features an integrated IR sensitive camera which allows to search for the absorption effect of bigger blood stains. This is supported by an integrated 850nm IR light source.

SCENEview BV800 - is a fully autonomous system. It can be run via a rechargeable battery pack. With a fully integrated computer it allows saving images or recording video sequences at the crime scene without the need of an external PC.

Back at the laboratory, the images and videos can be downloaded from the device via a USB pen drive or a LAN connection. SCENEview also allows connection to external devices as a mous or a keyboard as well as to a high resolution monitor.