Attestor Forensics Selfcontained downdraft filter workstation for evidence photography PHOTOvent

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With PHOTOvent LH151 Attestor Forensics offers two sizes of modern downdraft filter workstations, especially designed for safe evidence photography.

Key advantages include:

Stainless steel working surface
The working surface of PHOTOvent LH151 is made from premium quality stainless steel and is designed frame- and seamless to make cleaning an easy job.

Two stage filter system
A combination of a pre-filter mat and a fine particulate filter cassette H13 (HEPA) are located below the working surface and can be easily replaced by the user without any tools.

Heigh adjustable table and camera arm
PHOTOvent LH151 allows motorized positioning of the camera via a cable remote control with coarse and high accurate fine positioning with an accuracy of approx. 0.3 mm. The accessories shelve with the integrated power outlets moves up and down with the camera arm to avoide blockages by cables or light guides. Also the working surface can be adjusted in height to accommodate different size of evidence while working in ergonomic position.

Two models available
The system is available as PHOTOvent LH151-L (large version) and as PHOTOvent-LH151-S (smaller version).

The system ist suitable for any form of conventional or specialized evidence photography system as the Foster + Freeman DCS or Crime-lite Imager or our own Evidence viewing system LABview.

Technical Data:

PHOTOvent LH151-LPHOTOvent LH151-S
Dimensions (HxWxD)
163 х 150 х 115 cm163 х 100 х 87 cm
Working Surface (WxD)
150 х 75 cm100 х 70 cm
Filter Life Time
Pre-Filter / Fine Particulate Cassette
250 hrs. / sensor monitored, therefore contamination dependant250 hrs. / 200 hrs.
Electrical Data:
Voltage Supply: 230V AC / 50Hz
Current (without photo accessory): max. 1,0 A on 230V
Power Requirements (without optional accessory): max. 230 W
Weight (without optional accessory):
~ 200 kg~ 150 kg
1 Fine Particulate Filter Cassette
8 Pre-Filter Mats
2 Supporting Tables and Horizontally
Adjustable Camera Mount
 1 Fine Particulate Filter Cassette
8 Pre-Filter Mats