Attestor Forensics Mobile cyanoacrylate fuming sytem MOBIfume

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The development of fingerprints on non-porous surfaces in special fumingchambers using pure cyanoacrylate (superglue) or one of the fluorescent onestep derivatives is a long used standard in daily laboratory practice.

More and more this technique is used in a mobile version also directly at the crime scene, in fuming tents or specially designed fuming rooms. It enables fingerprint fuming throughout complete crime scene rooms. But also individual large objects for which dismantling and transportation to the laboratory without destroying fingerprints would be difficult or impossible or which simply wouldn’t fit into a conventional fuming chamber, can be processed in a tent or e.g. a garage, converted into a large size fuming room.

MOBIfume CY500 by Attestor Forensics is a novel system for mobile fingerprint fuming. Dismantling of bulky pieces of evidence and transportation to the laboratory is no longer necessary. MOBIfume is designed as a modular system and consists of one or multiple units.

Each unit features an own humidifier with a humidity sensor and a powerful circulation fan for even distribution of humidity and the fumed cyanoacrylate. The same fan is also used by the integrated activated carbon filter cartridge which after the development process is used to clean the air in the development area.

The user controls the system via a touch panel tablet. This is connected with the individual components via a radio link. Control cables into the area of fuming and airtight sealing of the access points is no longer required.

Each MOBIfume unit is suitable for a room size of approx. 50-60 m3. By grouping them into one or several functional groups the system can be scaled for rooms with almost unlimited size. But also forming several groups with different parameters is possible, allowing the treatment of several rooms in parallel – with the same parameters or with different parameters.

The system controls the ambient humidity to a value that can be selected by the user and even keeps this value maintained during the entire fuming process – a quality aspect especially with complex rooms or vehicles where some of the surfaces are semi-porous or porous which will influence the humidity. A freely adjustable fuming temperature with very large fuming plates allows besides standard cyanoacrylate the use with a big variety fluorescent or non-fluorescent cyanoacrylate derivatives in liquid or powder form.